I’m Jason Vigue, Life & Transition Coach

My Story

For over two decades I approached life like I was shopping for a new table at IKEA. No disrespect to IKEA, just hear me out. When the typical person needs a table, they head to their big box store, they select from a small assortment of similar-looking tables and then they take the box home and attempt to put it together the best they can.

Best case result: If they get the ambiguous directions right and there are no nuts or bolts left on the floor, they have a mediocre piece of furniture they can eat a meal on for the next few decades. But is that really the goal? A mediocre DIY table that thousands of people own but no one really wants?

That’s exactly what I thought life was. Find a job that pays the bills and stick with it for the long haul. Best to be practical. Fulfillment was something reserved for other people – the kind who had some innate gift I didn’t have. Relationships were not much different. The “not good enough” track played constantly in the back of my head. Trust me when I tell you, this is not the soundtrack of the next great romance. The core theme of my life and the life of many of my clients is this: don’t try anything uncertain or risky even if you’re drawn to it. After all it’s better to have a rickety IKEA table than no table at all, right?

Absolutely not.

Jason Vigue

We’re all following an outdated blueprint and we’ve got a mindset to match.

We are merely surviving, not optimizing life so we can find true satisfaction, motivation and excitement. Most of us don’t even think we have permission to stray from this tired blueprint. A lot of the reason for this has to do with our perception. We learn how to see the world from our life experiences and the people closest to us. For this reason, it can feel like our perspective is objective reality. The good news is that it’s not. Look at that IKEA table from the top of a building and it’s just a two-dimensional square – not a table at all. Once we learn how to intentionally start changing our perception especially during challenging moments, a lot can change – and fast.

I help people shift their thinking and get out of their own way.

Let’s blow up all the DIY tables, and create a kitchen centerpiece out of a vintage, wooden door salvaged from an old barn (or anything else you can dream up.)

There is absolutely no reason to grind it out every day in jobs that don’t light us up or go home to routine relationships followed by time with friends who are equally bored.

To Hell with the Prefabricated Life Paths: It’s Time to Design Your Own Blueprint.

Loss has the tendency to wake us up, and it was no different for me. I experienced four significant losses in a short span, the last of which was my father. At that point, I woke up in a big way. Life was literally too short to not go after what really fulfilled me. I realized I had been thinking according to outdated standards and had always been subconsciously chasing my father’s approval. But I was looking in the wrong place. I needed to turn my gaze inward and elevate my thought pattern.

I was only male left in my immediate circle and knew I needed to take immediate action if I didn’t want to be full of regret once my time came. I was ready to completely overhaul my life and do what I loved despite how risky it felt. After all, the only failure was not trying at all. I found myself a life coach and started taking the small steps. Long story short, here I am coaching people just like the “me” of a few years ago.

As soon as I had this revelation, it seemed like all the areas of my life just started to work – they fit me better. Even if I hit adversity on this new path, it was far better than smooth sailing on my former trajectory. Being equipped with a new mindset gave me a resilience that I didn’t have before, and it allows me to live more fully in any endeavor I pursue.

Jason Vigue

The Same Is True for You, and I Can Help You Get There

When you feel trapped in a life that’s all grind for very little payout, it can feel hopeless.

I’ve learned it comes down to mindset. If we think that a table is just a table, then that’s all we’ll get. But if we allow ourselves to think bigger, we realize that we don’t have to stay trapped in the circumstances we find ourselves in. But that can only change if we shift how we perceive our situations.

If you are ready to shift everything by simply changing the conversation you have with yourself, reach out and connect. You don’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting to overhaul your entire life; it starts with just the smallest shift in the way you see and is possible without even leaving the room you’re in right now.

I am real-life proof that coaching works.

Ready To Do This?

We are always making up stories about our experiences.

Why not tell ourselves the best possible version of that story?

Client Comments

“After going through some difficult life events, I struggled to get my footing in life. Working with Jason helped me identify areas of my life I would like to improve on.

Jason helped me develop goals and provided me with the tools I needed to be successful.”

~ Aimee Zaffis

“I have done a ton of work in the personal development arena. I have read countless books and listened to tons of podcasts, but I was stuck. I still found myself trapped in fear and inaction. But then I started coaching with Jason and everything shifted.

Working with Jason was the lifeline that I needed to rediscover my truth, my mission, my purpose. I found the courage to take brave imperfect action. Coaching changed everything. In just weeks, I accomplished more than I had in 5 years by myself. I am so grateful for Jason, and the world he has helped me open up for myself. ”

~ Andi Robbins

“Jason is an incredible life coach and is down to earth, personable and wise. I started working with Jason with the specific goal of finding ways to develop a healthier mindset towards relationships and life in general. Within a couple of sessions, I was already feeling lighter, happier, and more energetic. Jason really helped me to identify the importance of mindset and how to shape an outlook that worked for me in my daily experience and with the aim to achieve my personal best. I recommend Jason to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life, anyone who needs help identifying and achieving goals, or anyone who wants to be a more self-aware and intentional person.”

~ Heather Fox